Windows Phone Fitness App Roundup: Running Apps

Top Rated Windows Phone Running Apps

As you may have noticed, June is Fitness Month with the Mobile Nations community. That means you will be seeing more news, reviews and roundups on fitness apps for your Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, Android device and other mobile gadgets.

This week's roundup falls a little early and will be focusing on running apps for your Windows Phone. This collection of apps are among the top rated fitness apps available in the Windows Phone Store and will help track, log and digest all your running activities. Some will cover additional activities such as bicycling, hiking and other mobility activities. These Windows Phone apps will help you get into shape and help you stay in shape.

As with all our roundups, if we've missed your favorite title let us know below in the comments.



Runtastic is a feature rich personal fitness app that focuses on outdoor and indoor activities such as running, walking, hiking, biking, treadmill and more. Runtastic does require a membership (free) to take advantage of the app's activity log features and signing up is a painless process when you first launch the app.

The main pages for Runtastic includes a Home page where you can time and track your runs, a Map page that will chart your runs, a Go PRO page where you can upgrade (more on this in a second), a page listing all the other Runtastic Apps and a Music page where you can choose the source of your tunes.

Runtastic Main Pages

When you are ready to hit the track, Runtastic will let you set your activity (running, bicycling, etc.) and your workout style (basic, intervals, training plan or Story Running). When you have things set, tap the Start bar to begin tracking your activities. Runtastic also has the ability to manually enter your workouts should you have a bad GPS signal or left your phone in your gym bag.

The Story Running workout is an interesting workout style that puts you in the middle of a storybook to motivate your workouts. The Story Running books run in the neighborhood of $.99 a book via in-app purchase.

Runtastic will track your distance, speed, duration, pace, calories burned and maps out your runs. Runs are saved in the app's history to allow you to review the details, mapping and any notes on your workouts.

Runstastic Log, Activities and Story

While Runtastic does a nice job of covering the basics, you can also upgrade to Runtastic Pro for the low cost of $4.99. Runtastic Pro will remove the ad support and open up the following features:

  • Music integration with local playlists
  • Voice Feedback
  • Route finder
  • Live Tracking to allow you to share your progress as you run
  • Interval workouts
  • Heart rate monitor support
  • Split Table for comparing your distance information
  • Geo Tagging to let you take photos during your activities and add them to your workout history

Runtastic, the free version, offers a nice set of basic features to help monitor and motivate you through runs, bike rides, treadmill sessions or any other motion activity. Runtastic Pro simply adds another layer of icing on the cake but without a trial, you may want to try the free version first before you take the plunge on the Pro version.

  • Runtastic - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link
  • Runtastic Pro - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - $4.99 - Store Link

QR: Runtastic (free)

QR: Runtastic Pro

Total C25K

Total C25K

Total C25K is a Windows Phone app that boasts that it can get you up off the couch and running a 5K in nine weeks. Short for (Total Couch to 5K app), this Windows Phone app is a bare knuckles workout app that doesn't have too many bells and whistles but does a nice job of things as is.

The main page of Total C25K lists your workout days by week. The plan is to work out three days a week with a day of rest in between workouts. Each workout will have a plan of action that involves your warm up, workout and cool down periods. When you are ready to begin the exercise, tap begin and Total C25K will guide you through the workout plan, track your activity and map your runs.

Total C25K Main Page and Settings

Settings for Total C25K covers turn on/off your Windows Phone location services, allowing the app to run under a lockscreen, disable the lockscreen, turn on voice cues and more. The voice cues replace sound notifications with spoken notifications during workouts.

Total C25K

Once you finish your workout you can review the stats of each workout as well as view a map of your run. The detailed stats include the total distance run, elevation, pace, speed, calories and a projected 5K time. If you feel the need to brag about your progress,

Total C25K will also let you share your progress on Facebook. Total C25K is a free app and comes across as an effective, no-nonsense way to get into shape. The trick is finding the motivation to take that first step.

  • Total C25K - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link

QR: Total C25K

Running Mate

Running Mate

Running Mate is a GPS based Windows Phone fitness app that will help you track and analyze your workouts. The user interface with Running Mate is simple and easy to navigate around while on the run.

The main pages for Running Mate include a Stats page that will display details of your last run, a History page that will list your recent runs, a Medals page that list your achievements (good for motivation) and a Menu page that lists options to start a new workout, access the app's settings, view the help pages and send feedback to the developer.

Running Mate Main Pages

Settings with Running Mate cover:

  • Establishing your profile: Height, weight, and units preference
  • Application settings: GPS sensitivity, speed threshold, lockscreen settings, etc.
  • Notifications: Voice feedback, custom distance notification and custom time notification
  • Live Tile options: Turning on/off updates and choosing what is on the back of the Tile

To start a workout you have to options, side-swipe to that general options page and tap "new workout" or tap the "Quick Run" control button at the bottom of the main pages. The key difference between the two methods is that the "new workout" option gives you the ability to choose between running, walking, cycling or offline (treadmill) workouts and the "Quick Run" focuses on running.

While tracking your workout, Running Mate will display the time, distance speed and pace of your workout on a black screen. You can swipe up at this screen to reveal a map view of your run that will also have your stats displayed.

Running Mate Timer, Mapping and Settings

Once the workout is stopped, it will be saved to your history where you can review all the data and mapping recorded. Your workouts can be backed-up to OneDrive and shared over social network sites, email or text.

In just tinkering with Running Mate for a short time, it comes across as a very capable, easy to use running app for your Windows Phone. The trial version is fully functional but limited to ten workout sessions.

  • Running Mate - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - trial / $1.99 - Store Link

QR: Running Mate



Endomondo is one of the older Windows Phone running apps available in the but has kept a nice pace at staying amongst the higher rated fitness apps in the Windows Phone Store.

This GPS based app will track your running, cycling, hiking, rowing, skateboarding and other movement related activities. Endomondo will track your duration, speed, distance, calories, pace and more. Along with your basic workout mode, you can set a target/goal for your workout or challenge a friend to see who can perform the best.

Endomondo's Main Pages

Endomondo's layout is simple with your activity tracking/timer on one page and a tile menu page with options to view your newsfeed, workout history, friends, map and settings. Settings are fairly basic with options to enter your height and weight, set your units of measurement and turn on/off location services, pep talk (real-time audio peps from your friends), audio coach, and lockscreen options.

Tracking your workout can be done one of two ways. First you have the main page that will display your duration, distance, pace and calories burned or you can tap the map tile and view your route as you run with the duration and distance displayed at the top of the map.

Endomondo Activity Tracking and Settings

Forget your Windows Phone at home? Endomondo also has the ability to enter your workouts manually so you don't miss a step.

Endomondo does require an account (free) which will allow you to tap into the friend's network for pep talk messages, challenges and bragging rights. You can also view your profile online at Endomondo's website.

Endomondo's layout lends itself to easy access while on the run and does a good job of tracking your activities. The Windows Phone app has plenty of features and is an attractive fitness app option worth considering.

  • Endomondo - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link

QR: Endomondo

Caledo Runner

Caledos Runner

Caledo Runner is one of the more feature rich options available for a Windows Phone running app. For starters, key features include:

On top of all that, Caledo Runner will track your fitness activities and record detailed stats that include pace, distance, time, calories and more. Activities tracked by Caledo Runner include running, bicycling, hikes, walks, ski runs and more.

It should be noted that the heart rate monitor support, Nokia Mix Radio integration and advanced activity charts are all in-app purchases through the Caledo Store. These features do help Caledo Runner stand out from the crowd but will increase the overall cost of the app.

Caledos Runner Main Pages

While feature rich, the layout of Caledo Runner is a little on the busy side but with a little use, you can get used to it. The main page has a series of tile buttons to manually enter activity, access the settings, visit the Caledo store, view your stats, view the about screen, rate the app and contact the developer.

Settings covers setting up your Runkeeper, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, establish your profile, set your audio cues (audio progress reports on your workout), choose your music, and setup your heart rate monitor.

Caledos Runner Activity Tracking and Store

At the top of the main page, you will find a narrow tile button to start your activities. Tap the start tile and you can choose your activity (running, cycling, hiking, downhill skiing, etc.), choose any equipment you'll be using (treadmill, stationary bike, etc.). Once you have completed your choices, all that is left is tapping the "begin outdoor activity" button, which will prompt you to another "Start" button that will appear to begin recording your activity.

While one can easily appreciate all of Caledo's features, it is a little cumbersome to get the app to start recording. A quick start option, that would get you to your activity recording faster, would be a nice option to include in Caledo's feature set.

Without the premium features, Caledo is a solid running app for your Windows Phone. The premium features do add a lot to the app and it is nice that you can pick and choose which of these you need to improve Caledos' performance.

  • Caledo Runner - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link

QR: Caledos Runner

Track Runner

Track Runner

Track Runner is a great running app for Windows Phone enthusiasts. It's an exclusive app, only available for Windows Phone and has some really crazy GPS technology inside. It recently won a Nokia Create contest and has been slowly been growing a devout following of Windows Phone fans. It's a full featured running app, that has been made free for everyone. There's no in-app purchases or ads. Just a really nice running app. 

Track Runner has all the features you'd expect in a running app. Here are some features you get with Track Runner:

  • Super accurate GPS tracking
  • Intelligent track and lap recognition
  • Gear mileage tracker
  • Live tracking and live cheering
  • GPX import and export
  • Live tile
  • Pacer to help keep a set pace on runs

Track Runner

We really like Track Runner on Windows Phone and think you will too. It's free, functional and beautiful. Not much else you need in a running app. 

  • Track Runner - Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 - Free - Store link

Overall Winner?

First, a few quick observations on all five of these apps.

  • If you are looking for a running app that lends itself to easy navigation while on the run, Endomondo, Running Mate or Track Runner may be your best options.
  • If you are looking for a healthy amount of features, take a gander at Runtastic PRO or Caledo Runner but be prepared to pay for the premium features these apps offers.
  • Need a more structured routine to get you into shape? Total C25K may be your cup of tea.

While each of the highlighted running apps do a commendable job, we are going to let you decide which Windows Phone app is the best of the bunch.

Just sound off below in our poll, back up your choice in the comments below and on Friday, we will tap one of these four as a Reader's Favorite. This will be format for the fitness app roundups this month with roundups of gym, diet and sleep apps to follow in the coming weeks.


We'll highlight the best apps at the end of the week. Make sure you vote to promote your favorite!


Reader comments

Top Rated Windows Phone Running Apps


I'm partial to Runtastic PRO - simply because it is the first one I got and then I paid the 4.99 for it. Though, I might try out Track Runner...

In Germany you can get Runtastic PRO for free on Lumia 920 as part of the Nokia Collection.

When WP8 first came out Endomondo did not work to well.I switched to Runtastic and havent looked back. It tracks flawlwssly. I use it almost everyday ...Just getting better and better

I really like Running Mate as it's simple and really well-suited to running. I use Endomondo when I mountain bike, though. If there's one thing Windows Phone doesn't lack much on, it's quality fitness tracking apps.

Endomondo is awesome, simple with nice layout with voice announcement for each KM which is great when you trying to hit your target.


My favourite from all the 6/7 apps I've tried!

Same here...started using Endo on my Blackjack. I love Endomondo, but the current rev is broken and doesn't allow you to select an activity for manual workout.

I like Sportstracker too! And it just got a another update. The only thing I don't like is you can't edit workout details after they are saved. So if I forget to hit stop after my run, and my time is off, there's no way to fix it!! I have to login online and change it there which is annoying. And it doesn't allow photos anymore like it did on SYMBIAN. That was a cool feature, adding pictures to runs.


I wish other apps did this.

No Bing Health & Fitness? I've tried a few of those others and they were no where near the Bing app.

Bing Health has the potential to be a great app but........ GPS tracking seems inaccurate: I run the same circuit and the distance measured with Bing is reported  25% shorter than measured with Caleidos or other apps.

Asfor tracking worrkout Bing does not allow to save customized routines and the ability to save and retrieve customized worouts seems spotty to say the least. Not to mention Bing for WP 8 where you cannot even add customized exercises.

Fabulous rundown of apps available.  Thanks.  I'm looking at these running centric apps to see if they can do anything for me in accounting for my bike commute activity in addition to being a road map/guide system.

Adidas MiCoach won in my test trial vs. Caledos, Runtastic and Endomondo. It is only on Windows Phone which also deserves credit. Great app.

miCoach is my No. 1

Easy to use training plans for free + BT smart HR monitor and speed cell support. No one from the rated apps can offer this.

I use endomondo and was quite ok with it, but I now use the beta and the app crashes on launch (despite an email they sent me today with another version of it).
It might be time for me to try the Bing one especially since I tried to enter my meals as well...

+920! It seems to never make the list, though.

I should maybe go back and give the others a look--it's been a while.

Marathon crashes (been interruptéd) when you load a second app, for example, try to use marathon and in the same time record a video, always marathon is interrupted (in my case, I run with my dog and filming it, impossible with marathon (paid version), so I use Endomondo

I would be more inclined to start using Fitness Apps if they had some sort of integration with Bing Health and MS HealthVault.  The more I can keep track of how much exercise I'm getting and what i'm eating would make for a great combination.


Also, hardware integration with a smartwatch would make this even better.

Hey, this is Sarah, one of the developers of Track Runner. We just pushed out a big update this weekend and Track Runner now includes adaptive interval training, a pacer and even more stats.

There are a few preset interval workouts but you can also create your own in just a few taps. What's really cool about our interval trainer is that Track Runner checks your pace and gives you voice cues to speed up or slow down. I don't think any other running app does that, certainly not on Windows Phone. The preset trainings are adaptive, so will always match your level. (You need to go on at least one run for this to work though!).

 After the interval workout you get an interval by interval breakdown on how you've done as well as a score.

The latest update also includes a pacer. Set your target - 5K in 20 mins anyone - and the pacer will make sure you run at a constant speed. You can also set negative splits if you're a more experienced runner. It helped me finally break the 30mins for 5k :)

Give Track Runner a try. It's completely free.

This is an awesome idea! I typically run on the treadmill since I tend to burn myself out when running outside. If I had a coach that could tell me to speed up or slow down, that would be great! Thanks!

I really like the Trackrunner App. Accurate and comprehensive stats; live tracking and 'cheering'; interval and pacing features; sharing to social media; motivational live tile--and it's free!

Hey Sarah,

"Track Runner checks your pace and gives you voice cues to speed up or slow down. I don't think any other running app does that, certainly not on Windows Phone"

miCoach for WP does it not only for pace but also for heart rate. You can choose what you prefer.

Downloaded it, for the moment to mutch work at home but going to give it a spin when everything is back to normal :)

I actaully really like Caledos, it isn't that busy to me, and I enjoy the runkeeper integration (boo to runkeeper for no windows app).  It's just solid and works perfectly fine for me.

This is the killer feature for me. Here is hoping for smartwatch integration!!! Really miss that coming from Android/pebble

Endomondo also has a bèta app, for wich they pushed out an update. A lot of new features, amongst them support for Bluetooth haert rate monitors. If testing goes smooth, a release to the stable app should not be far away. :)

Hi Mohammed, Italian Lumia 720 user here.

Quite disappointed of GPS accuracy when using Runtastic, I wonder if miCoach can be somewhat more accurate or the GPS unit of the phone is to blame...

Thanks in advance

Runtastic wins for me. I love the ability to have a delay before I start running so that I can lock the screen and secure my phone before starting the run.

You might want to try the auto-start in Track Runner! It automatically starts tracking when you move faster than your walking speed, which can be set to 3 different levels in the settings. Simply set up phone, music, lock your phone and run when you're ready.

I use Endomondo to track my bike rides. Recently, I had to stop for a brief bit and do some "work" from my phone. As is the case with WP, Endomondo fell off the list of active apps. I had to restart the app and then I had 2 workouts for my one trip. Is there any way around this? I guess I could have kept going back to Endomondo so it stayed on the active list. I guess I could have also focused on my ride rather than doing some work.

Is there any app that will stay active despite the number of other apps/things have been done on the phone while it is running? Thanks!

Just press the pause button when you get off your bike. And make sure to keep the app active in the background. Or activate auto pause before you start riding. When I ride I switch to other apps , weather, take pictures and check in with Facebook, while having Endo running in the background.

"Adidas micoach" deserves a mention, because they really did a great job with the app. The layout and features are better than the android version actually. Specially the layout, and it's free. People who haven't checked it out, you should. :)

Been using runtastic for a long time. I have the pro version, it is a solid app, plus you can go on the web and find routes from other people. The app has been a bit neglected, no significant updates for a very long time. My main gripe would be unable to find routes from the app, and no indication that you have a turn coming up, so you need to know your route. Fix these 2 things and the app would be a lot better.

I'm looking for an app from which I can share the map of my runs on facebook\twitter. Haven't seem to have found an app which does that well. Any suggestions?

I tried Endomondo a few months ago and honestly I didn't like the experience: Music will stop on Nokia mix radio and that to me is a big deal breaker. Runtastic is by far the one app I can rely the most.

Too bad tracking accuracy on WP is so bad compared to iOS. I have given up exercise with my WP's.

Caledos Runner is my go to fitness app, although I recently installed the Adidas miCoach app since I used it on my Nokia N8, and it looks amazing - I will be giving this app a go this week!


I was really excited when Sports Tracker announced a Windows Phone app, but ttheir support was so awful!  Even though they revamped it for WP8, the initial experience was too poor for me to even reconsider supporting them.


I had the Running Mate app since it was offered for free a few months back, but didn't get a chance to use it before buying the Nokia 1020; may re install just to give it a try.

Used Endo, Runtastic, AdidasM and TrackRunner. TrackRunner has the best GPS tracking I've experienced. The Developer has released updates on a regular basis and integrates user suggestions into the app. If your looking for a casual runner or a serious trainer TrackRunner is the best value.. @alaskanjackson

Do you know any tracker for WP with OpenStreetMap maps? Like Sports Tracker for Symbian (WP version has WP maps). Here and Microsoft Maps doesn't show offroad tracks and are useless for offroad hiking/running/biking tracking. At least in Poland.

I hiked in the Mojave desert yesterday, pretty off track, and RunTastic Pro shows it very accurate on the map.

We Need STRAVA!! and for apps to support the Polar BT HRM Straps,

Adidas MiCoach is the only WP App that supports it so far, (yes I have Polar watch and HRM setup, and dont really want to get a zephyr strap to use one of the other apps)

a few of these apps are starting to add support for the Zephyr strap (which is great that the tech is appearing) but not for Polar, does any one know why? 

Using Adidas miCoach sinds Symbian (Nokia E-7)

Free in use and Free membership.

Different types of life coaching.

Used for running, cycling, nordic skiing, walking, others(indoors)

GPS track, and sending to social media.

Mixradio and musiclist integration.

Heart rate monitor or stride sensor.

For me a complete app.

Adidas miCoach for running connects with my speed cell and my heart rate monitor. Collects speed cadence distance elevation hr calories. Gives active coaching based on training zones. Can't see me using anything else. I can even create training plans or use templates. I use Cyclometer for riding as it has a Strava plugin.

Ah, the C25K app, exactly what I need. Also, Runtastic, so good I want to buy the Pro version AND all the in-app purchases.

Ah, the C25K app, exactly what I need. Also, Runtastic, so good I want to buy the Pro version AND all the in-app purchases.

adidas miCoach, HeiaHeia!, Active Fitness and Microsoft Bing Health & Fitnees are other good options. I use the first one on a daily base.

I think definately adidas miCoach is missing from the poll. 

Also IMHO 3rd party sync/integration with services like HealthVault, Runkeeper, Fitbit and a large etc. has been ommited and i feel this could be important to many to decide which app suits them best.

In my case I use randomly and in no special order the following which I add a few notes for:

Runtastic Pro - Really good, just that despite being Pro to really get all you need to be Premium at a monthly basis which I don't like specially cause I don't (can't) excersize daily, not even weekly.

adidas miCoach - Don't like the interface too much, plus setting up routes or training plans MUST be done on the website. Apart from this great app.

Endomondo - Very clean interface and quite everything one could need. In my case  the Autopause is not working correctly for me.

Track Runner - Really awesome after the new update. Have to try it a bit more but it's getting better and better.

From the above, Endomondo is also the only one where I have running friends which is a plus.

Uninstalled Caledos and Running Mate. Didn't feel comfortable using them.


Runtastic pro works great for me. I've tried most of the others and didn't like the features or had issues with stability. Never had a single problem with Runtastic....although more than small incremental updates would be nice.

I used to have an arm band for my 920 that I used to wear the phone on my upper arm while running and used caledos runner. What are my options now that I have a 1520? I couldn't find any such arm bands for it and anyway its probably too bulky...what about any windows phone supporting smart watches? Anyone use anything like this?

I was using runtastic at the start. It was heavy weight in space (at least for wp8) given that you can do workout in any given sport there. But, I changed to Running mate which is light weight and much faster. Thanks to Nabmo Media.

guys you totally forgot "run the map", free and certainly among the best, it even grabs height profiles from the internet!

I miss the one I'm using "Run the Map". I love it because use just a few battery, shows me a map of my path, give me information and graphics on my track, sync perfectly with OneDrive so I keep and historical record of my walks, has cycling, running and walking modes, and it's FREE.

I love it.

Sports Tracker is good and more importantly, it's improving all the time with beta updates. Just a shame my heart rate monitor has died!

Used to like Runtastic but £4.99 isn't really that cheap for an app..especially when others can do it for free. Plus the gold service on Runtastic is ridiculously expensive too.

I'm also using Runtastic.
But it's not as good as my Garmin watch, especially during a competition: The pace is not very accurate, you never now your current pace while running.
And what I also don't like is the fact that the Runtastic data cannot be exported from the website.
If you want advanced functionalities, you have to upgrade you account (also you've already paid for the app!).

I love Caledos runner and it's RunKeeper integration!  It works flawless for me every time and has for years.  It is regularly updated and the devs are very responsive when I ask them about new features.

I have run with  Endo, Runtastic, AdidasM and TrackRunner. TrackRunner has the best GPS tracking IMHO. The Developer has released updates on a regular basis and integrates user suggestions into the app quickly. If your looking for a casual runner or a serious trainer TrackRunner is the best value.. @alaskanjackson

*Note about design:  TrackRunner is beautiful.  When you use it as a runner it just makes sense The color contrast on the screen for night time run viewing,  how often the audio coach reminds you about your pace are spot on.  The attention to detail (from a runners perspective) is great.

I've found it really difficult to find an app I like.  I am intertwined with Strava from previos OS's so want to keep that so the ability to automatically sync or send an email with gpx is vital.  Plus I'd love an app where I can import a GPX file, and it gives me audio directions as I'm running/cycling to each waypoint.  Haven't found one yet.  Anyhelp would be appreciated.

Why am i not seeing Adidas micoach in this list. In my opinion it is the best running app.I have been using the app for three weeks now. I have run 57 kms and nearly 12 hrs of training. This is a motivating app as it gives audio feedback as you are running. It also has music and maps integration.

I have been using Adidas Micoach for over 4 years now.
I bought the pacer bundle and started the interval workouts.
When the app was finally released on Windows Phone I started using that together with a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor.
I really love micoach but I cannot judge if it is the best one since I've never used another one.

i used endomondo when i first bought my 620, simple app but not much function...and no update at all (during that time), then i delete and install Runtastic Pro, used it and love it, until i found out it drain battery really fast expecially when i doing long distance run (HM). I change to Run The Map, easy use app, love that offline map function, which help me save a lot of battery after long run, but the fb/twitter share function just sad, Run The Map only post a link to your social network. I will give Track Runner a try this weekend.

I satarted with MapMyRun on my 920, and it didn't accurately track my run with the GPS.  Endomondo does a lot better job at accurately showing the route that I took.  I initially noticed the battery drain issue you mentioned, but I don't have that problem anymore.  I've run 3 half marathons this year, and I had more than half of my battery left at the finish.  They've been pushing out good updates, and their last one was in October.  I'm not sure how well their social media sharing works since I don't use it.

Endomondo is definitely my favorite.  I used MapMyRun when I had an iPhone and for a while when I bought my 920, but the app on Windows Phone didn't have good GPS tracking.  I would press start and it would start me 5 miles away and then jump to where I was for the next ping it did.  Endomondo is a lot better at tracking my runs accurately, and I like that I can enter my gym workouts too.  They've been really great at pushing out updates and new features too.  However, I submitted a fix to them a while back and they dismissed it saying only premium members could submit things to the dev team.  I opnly suggested removing the miles selector when I select a workout such as weight lifting that doesn't involve going for any distance.