When in the market for a computer, you may want something simple and fun like a touch screen laptop. Gone are the days of having a boring screen that you can't interact with. Now there are numerous styles of touch screen laptops that let you do more than just use a hardware keyboard and mouse — you can touch the screen to get things done, making for a whole new experience on your laptop computer.

Most newer tablet PCs are touch-screen enabled, and some bigger laptop computers are as well. Smaller tablets as well as device like the multi-purpose Surface Pro 3 and Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 offer touch screens, allowing you to do more than with other devices that don't have touch support. Devices like the Acer Switch are more commonly known as 2-in-1 devices, where they offer the best of the tablet and laptop world. In this case, a hardware keyboard attaches to the tablet via a magnetic connection, but can easily be removed as well.

No matter what your fancy, we'll keep this page updated with the latest news, rumors, reviews and more on all of the best touch screen laptops we can find!