Best laptop docking stations for dual monitors in 2024

Caldigit Ts4 Review
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The best laptop docking stations for dual monitors can usually also deliver a whole lot of other common ports, turning your laptop into the centerpiece of a versatile workstation with tons of screen real estate. 

Whether you're working with a PC using USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, or Thunderbolt 4, there are plenty of available options to expand connectivity. In almost every case you won't just get access to dual (or more) monitors, but a wealth of additional connection possibilities. 

The best docks aren't always terribly portable, either, but in a home or office setting, each of the options highlighted here will turn your laptop into a full desktop experience. 

The right laptop dock for a dual-monitor setup

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Buying the best laptop docking station for dual monitors should ultimately come down to what type of laptop you're using and how many other ports you'd like on top of video support. If you have a laptop with Thunderbolt 4, we recommend the CalDigit TS4 most of all thanks to its generous port selection and host charging capabilities. It will run dual 4K displays each at 60Hz, or one 8K display at 60Hz, and it can deliver up to 98W of power to the connected laptop.

If you're working with a laptop without Thunderbolt, CalDigit's USB-C Pro Dock is another great option. You get dual FHD display support and a whole lot of other ports, and it's cheaper than the Thunderbolt alternatives. And if you have a new Surface device with Thunderbolt 4, the Kensington SD5750T is certified to work optimally.

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