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Best Deals on Dell Laptops and Desktops for August 2017

Where can you find the best deal on a new Dell PC? Let's take a look at some of the offers that are currently available.

Best Laptops for Travel

Looking for a new laptop to take on the road with you? We're here to help, and we rounded up a little selection of the best you can get right now.

ASUS embraces power on the go with new VivoBook Pro N580

ASUS is going all-in with some pretty powerful components for its latest laptop, the VivoBook Pro N580.

Best Laptop for College Students

If you're going away to college and you want to take an amazing laptop with you, grab yourself a HP Spectre x360, or one of our other picks of best laptops for students.

Best Dell Laptop

What's the No. 1 best Dell laptop available today? Here's a hint: It is portable, powerful and a delight to show off thanks to its beautiful design.

Comparing Dell XPS 13 touch and non-touch laptops

So, you've decided on a Dell XPS 13. Are you going touch or non-touch? We can help you decide.

Razer begins shipping new gunmetal gray Blade Stealth and 4K UHD Razer Blade in U.S., Canada

If you're been yearning for the new gunmetal-edition of the Razer Blade Stealth or 4K Razer Blade for 2017 the company is now finally shipping both in the U.S. and Canada.

Best Laptops with an Optical Drive

Need a new laptop and you can't bear to lose the optical drive? It's not the common item it once was but there are still some great laptops that boast one.

Best Ultrabook of 2017

The HP Spectre x360, with its sturdy all-metal body, dazzling touch display, and powerful hardware, make it the best Ultrabook you can buy right now.

Best 13-Inch Laptop

The HP Spectre x360 has an outstanding all-metal body, dazzling touch display, and powerful hardware, making it the best 13-inch laptop you can buy right now.

Chuwi LapBook 12.3 video review: A $300 laptop with Surface Pro-like display

We're revisiting the budget friendly Chuwi LapBook 12.3 — a classic laptop with an outstanding screen for just $300.

Best Laptop for High School Students

Picking up a new laptop is a great way to prepare for the upcoming academic workload. These Windows-powered portable PCs all pack a suite of productivity software, internet connectivity and are perfect for learning.

GPD Pocket video review: A teeny-tiny Windows 10 PC for wherever you go

The GPD Pocket is one of the more exciting innovations in the PC world. A 7-inch full Windows computer is a lot of fun, but not very practical. Here is my video review.

Razer Blade vs. Blade Stealth vs. Blade Pro: Which Blade is best for you?

Razer makes three very good laptops, all called Blade. There's the Blade Stealth at the lower end, the Blade in the middle and the ridiculous Blade Pro at the very top end. Here's how to tell which one is right for you.

Hands on with the new ASUS Transformer Pro

The new ASUS Transformer Pro drops the numbering but picks up some minor, yet still important upgrades. Are we any closer to a Surface Pro killer?

Best Dell XPS 13 Sleeves

Protect your investment without adding bulk, using these laptop sleeves for your Dell XPS 13.

Intel Y-Series vs. U-Series Ultrabook CPUs: What's the difference?

These two lines of processors are not the same, and it's good to know exactly what you're getting into so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for a new Ultrabook.

Intel quad-core processors could finally be coming to Ultrabooks later this year

Intel's new Core i5-8250U could finally be the quad-core processor for thin Ultrabooks users have wanted.

HP Spectre x2 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro: Which 2-in-1 gives you more for your money?

These 2-in-1 devices are pretty evenly matched, but there are some crucial differences that might be a deciding factor when shopping for a new laptop.

Get this powerful Asus ZenBook for just $1,000 from Costco

This Asus ZenBook is at a lower price at Costco than it is anywhere else and it's loaded with some powerful tech.