Budget PC upgrades every student needs

If most of your schoolwork is done from a PC, you'll want to check out these affordable upgrades. Many students preparing for a new academic year aren't necessarily flush with cash, but you can find improvements on a budget if you know where to look, and luckily we've done the searching already. Our roundup of PC upgrades can help streamline your studies and turn hectic back-to-school preparations into a stress-free shopping list.

Choosing the best budget PC upgrades for students

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Heading back to school can be a little less daunting if you're well prepared. If the majority of your studying is done on your PC, then our roundup of upgrades can improve your productivity and comfort. Peripherals like the official Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Bluetooth Mouse can take some strain off your hands for extended sessions of research and typing.

For internal hardware, high-speed storage is widely available in this modern age and for a fair price. Springing for a Crucial P2 M.2 or Kingston A400 2.5-inch SSD upgrade over a mechanical hard drive with speed up boot times and make for snappy file transfers, perfect for managing your work.

If you're looking to start over from scratch but don't want to break the bank, check out our collection of the best budget PCs less than $500 to get started. You can always come back here to make some upgrades later.

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