Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Lumia 950 XL

Updated April 27, 2017: We've refreshed this list to ensure these options are still the best tempered glass screen protectors you can get for your Lumia 950 XL.

Your big, beautiful Lumia 950 XL needs protection while it rides around with you throughout the day. Why not get it the best? Tempered glass screen protectors offer much more protection than plastic screen protectors, and they usually have a few added perks like anti-glare and oleophobic coatings.

Almost ready to pull the trigger on a new tempered glass screen protector for your Lumia 950 XL? We've rounded up the best available now!

StilGut tempered glass

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Even though this screen protector is made up of five different layers — nano coating, tempered glass, explosion-proof film, adhesive coating, and silicon coating — it remains thin at just 0.33mm. You'll have no problems using your touchscreen, and the clarity of the screen won't change at all.

StilGut has a hardness rating of 9H, meaning it will be resilient to just about everything you carry around in your pockets or purse. Don't forget, it will also protect the screen from drops onto sharp and pointed objects. If you do manage to get smudges on the oleophobic outer layer, they can be easily cleaned off with the included microfiber cleaning cloth.

Unlike some other tempered glass screen protectors, StilGut took the time to cut out a hole to fit around the front-facing camera, rather than just trimming it below the camera. The result is more protection and a better-looking device. Users have stated that StilGut is one of the best screen protectors for sticking to the slightly sloped corners of the Lumia 950 XL. It is on the expensive side for screen protectors — about $20 for two — but it is definitely one of the best you can buy to protect your phone.

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Nillkin H+ Pro tempered glass

Nillkin uses five layers in their H+ Pro screen protector to deliver a multi-purpose tool — it cuts glare down to a minimum, it is resistant to smudges from your fingers and will stay together even if it ever happens to shatter. Oh yeah, it will also protect your screen from scratches and drops onto sharp objects. Feel free to keep your phone and keys in the same pocket!

This screen protector is only 0.2mm thick but maintains a 9H hardness rating. You probably won't notice the protector when you have your phone on — the picture is just as clear, and it responds just as well to touch.

Users have stated that the Nillkin H+ Pro is one of the best tempered glass protectors when it comes to sticking to the Lumia 950 XL's slightly sloped corners. Installation is easy, but if you don't get it quite right the first time, this screen protector is removable and reusable thanks to its silicon adhesive coating.

If you want one of the thinnest tempered glass screen protectors for your Lumia 950 XL, have a look at Nillkin H+ Pro. It starts at about $13.

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SOJITEK premium ballistic tempered glass

Probably the best part of SOJITEK's screen protector is the lifetime replacement warranty. If you happen to be particularly hard on your phone, this feature could make the difference between other tempered glass options. Users also claim that this screen protector seems to stick without many bubbles to the Lumia 950 XL's slightly sloped corners.

You're getting a 9H hardness rating to ensure that the things you carry around in your pockets or purse don't scratch, and it will even protect your screen from drops onto pointed objects. The whole thing is only 0.33mm thick — you will hardly notice it's on your phone when looking at the screen. Can't forget about the oleophobic coating that helps cut down on smudges from your fingers!

For the cheapest tempered glass screen protector that comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, you have to check out SOJITEK. It starts at about $9.

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kwmobile tempered glass

This tempered glass screen protector has the most coverage at the top of the phone — even the front-facing camera is covered, but your pictures will come out just as defined thanks to its crystal clear construction. There will be no risk of scratching from keys and loose change, and your Lumia 950 XL will even be protected from drops onto sharp or pointed objects. Do note that the proximity sensor may be interfered with when using this screen protector.

A lot of other tempered glass screen protectors have a hard time sticking to the Lumia 950 XL's slightly sloped corners, but kwmobile seems to have things figured out. Users say they have little to no bubbling problems.

With a thickness of 0.33mm, your touchscreen will respond just as well as if it was bare. Its anti-glare coating will help you see your screen better, and the silicon adhesive layer allows you to reuse the screen protector if it doesn't go on straight the first time, or if you switch to a new 950 XL.

This tempered glass screen protector offers the most coverage at the top of your phone, including your camera — at only about $8, it's also a steal.

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Are you in the market for a tempered glass screen protector? If you already have one for your Lumia 950 XL, have you experienced any bubbled corners? Which one worked the best for you?

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